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Welcome to Weeks Outdoors


Weeks Outdoors is a multi divisional company dedicated to Homesteading, Conservation, Nuisance Wildlife Management, and living the simple, country lifestyle.

Weeks Outdoors is headed up by Shawn Weeks. Shawn is a lifelong New Englander who has dedicated most of his adult life to teaching and promoting "The Great Outdoors". He is a writer, Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator, Master Wildlife Conservationist and a certified Hunting Instructor. Shawn is  an avid gardener, farmer, hunter, fisherman, conservationist and wildlife management guru serving the Hartford County, Litchfield County and Winchester County areas in Connecticut (CT).

There are three main components to Weeks Outdoors.

The first component is Weeks Family Farms where Shawn practices what he preaches; The second component is Weeks Wildlife Management, here Shawn can help you deter some of the wildlife that may be overtaking your garden or yard; and our third component is our Weeks Outdoors information and media department were Shawn focuses his energy on writing about many topics on conservation, farming and much more. You can also visit Shawn's blog or check out his monthly feature in the Farmers Almanac on "Pests around Your Property"


Here Shawn provides a weekly blog regarding all topics associated with conservation, homesteading, hunting, fishing, and self reliance.

We provide vegetable garden tilling, installation, management and maintenance services from planting to harvesting.

From deer fencing, bat exclusion and mole control, to removing squirrels, raccoons, woodchucks and skunks.